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Gen-Shi Laboratories pharmaceutical company is one of the best providers of drugs and compounds not only in Japan, but around the world as well. The company located in Osaka, Japan. The products of Gen-Shi Laboratories, one can buy from the online store. The price range of Gen-Shi Laboratories steroids is quite affordable and it is quite similar to the drugs offered by other companies on the market.

Gen-Shi Laboratories steroids can compete even with world leaders in the pharmaceutical field. All the work process of Gen-Shi Laboratories, starting with the purchase of raw materials and ending with the selling of final product, is carried out at the highest level. When purchasing raw materials for its products, the company chose only reliable and trusted suppliers. Raw materials for manufacturing of drugs are submitted to close control and monitoring. Important attention is also paid to the development and production process. The company employs only highly qualified personnel. The peptides produced by the pharmaceutical company Gen-Shi Laboratories are especially popular among athletes and bodybuilders. Each product of Gen-Shi Laboratories has an instruction attached. It contains a complete description of the drug, which is recommended to read before use.

The fastest and easiest way to buy the required product from Gen-Shi Laboratories is to order and receive it by mail. But one should be careful, and refer only to reliable and trusted suppliers


Gen-Shi Laboratories' official website contains a number of interesting and useful information about the company, its operating principles, manufacturing, products, and much more. In addition, the company has created a system of products authentication . Once logged in at, and typing the code found on a sticker on the packaging, one can find out whether he purchased the original product or not.

As mentioned above, the most popular products of Japanese pharmaceutical companies are Gen-Shi Laboratories are the peptides. The companies’ peptides have only positive reviews, except for the cases when an athlete is not lucky to stumble upon a fake. Among bodybuilders, powerlifters and other athletes are especially popular the following peptides:

1. GHRP-2
Packaging: 5mg vial.
Active Substance: Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide-2.
Storage Conditions: 2-6 C degrees (refrigerator).
GHRP-2 is one of the most researched and most common hormones in the world. Its main function is the release of hormone somatropin. It has a strong effect on the growth of muscle tissue and strengthens the bones. It has an overall positive effect on the human body by improving muscle definition and lowering cholesterol levels. GHRP-2 has a protective effect on the liver. It enhances the appetite, but does not cause a false sense of hunger.

2. GHPR-6
Packaging: 5mg in vial.
Active Substance: Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide-6.
Storage Conditions: 2-6 C degrees (refrigerator).
GHRP-6 is a powerful peptide that has a stimulating effect on the secretion of the body's own growth hormone. GHRP-6 has particularly valuable properties, and it is widely appreciated in the iron sport. This peptide has a strong effect on the growth and development of muscles and on improving its relief. It reduces body fat, improves appetite, increases stamina, strengthens the immune system and improves overall health.

3. HGH 176-191
Packaging: 5mg in vial.
Active Substance: HGH Fragment (176-191).
Storage Conditions: 2-6 C degrees (refrigerator).
Is a powerful peptide that activates fat burning process and is twelve times more effective than the growth hormone. HGH 176-191 blocks the formation of new fat and has no negative impact on the human body. It is a compound widespread in the world of sports. In addition to fat burning effect, HGH 176-191 has a rejuvenating action on the body, it slows the aging process, increases the energy and strengthens the skeletal structure of the body.

4. IGF-1
Packaging: 100mcg in vial.
Active Substance: Insuline-like Growth Factor.
Storage Conditions: 2-6 C degrees (refrigerator).
IGF-1 is a tetrasubstituted peptide hormone that acts in the human body as a direct analog of somatoliberin. The intake of IGF-1 gives a significant increase in muscle mass, reduces the amount of fat tissue in the body, increases stamina, the energy reserves and power indicators.

5. Melanotan II
Active Substance: Melanotan 2.
Storage Conditions: 2-6 C degrees (refrigerator).
Melanotan II is a peptide similar to natural melanocortin. Under the influence of Melanotan the melanin synthesis un human body is stimulated and it affects the tan. During various researches it was found that the drug is also an aphrodisiac. In addition of obtaining a beautiful and even tan Melanotan 2 assists in the dieting period because it reduces the appetite.

6. HCG 5000
Active Substance: Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.
Storage Conditions: 2-6 C degrees (refrigerator).
This compound restores the testosterone production. It is suitable for recovery after the anabolic steroids cycle.

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