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We’ve all come to this problem we want to get gear but have no real reason for a doctor to write a prescription. Even if he would, the range would be somewhat limited as doctors tend to only prescribe mild dosages of anabolics when they actually write a prescription. So at home you will have to get gear elsewhere. But still, if by any chance somebody finds the gear with me, what shall I say?

Anabolic Steroids are used in many fields of Medicine, but for an average bodybuilder only two fields are really applicable. Patients with HIV are treated with Anabolic Steroids in order to make up for the weight lost due to the illness. The other field is Testosterone deficiency treatment, for people whose testicles are not producing enough testosterone and additional testosterone needs to be introduced to the body for normal body functioning. Although I know people that have HIV and are actually extremely bulk this excuse will probably not be used very often because of prejudice and the fact that it is very easily established that one has HIV.

Testosterone deficiency on the other hand is quite hard to prove (and disprove) as it test levels are frequently different from patient to patient and some uniform measurements don’t always apply. Basically every doctor will give a different opinion on this issue. So if you are lucky enough to find a doctor that will say you suffer from Testosterone deficiency, you win.

So here is the point of the whole post how to find such a doctor. Do note that some assumptions from here on are theoretical and actual application will vary from state to state, country to country. This in reality is informative post only. If you actually work it out do let me know ;)

In the states and most of the “Western” countries you will have some problems with persuading a doctor (the bulkier you are lower the probability) that your test levels are too low and that you NEED anabolic steroids to keep function normally. Even if they do buy it they will probably do other treatments first (basically PCT). So forget these countries.

Here’s good news if you like to travel you will have no problem finding a “less developed” country where you will be able to find a more willing doctor. The beauty clinics all over the world are offering numerous programs for wight loss, vitalization, rejuvenation, etc. In Thailand for example you can go for an official weight loss treatment supervised by a doctor and they will treat you with I didn’t really believe this at first Clenbuterol. You will note that Clenbuterol is used for bronchodilator and officially was never used for Weight loss, in similar way Pregnyl is used for weight loss (again not meant for it), HGH is used for weight loss and rejuvenation, etc. And yes, you have guessed it, you can also get a testosterone deficiency treatment there, voila, prescription for anabolic steroids.

I know what you are thinking, you can get anabolics without prescription in any Thai pharmacy so why bother with a doctor. The problems is many of us have been on these trips and we often want to take home some souvenirs. So we put them in the luggage and hope the customs will not bother to check us. If they do though, we could be in a world of problems. Take the German tourist who entered Florida as an example. I guess he didn’t want to cut his cycle short so he brought it with him. Because he had a vial of deca and an amp of test and some pins he’s faced with five felony charges.

So if you visit a doctor the main difference is that you actually get a prescription for whatever souvenirs you wish to take home. And since you are a foreigner you can ask the good Thai doctor to give you some form of diagnosis in English on paper as you would really like to inform your doctor of the “illness” you have. Basically should you have any problems on the border because of the souvenirs you have a lot better standpoint you have a prescription for the items, and even a diagnosis why you need them. That may not save you completely but is sure to help you a lot if the shit hits the fan.

Secondly, as stated above, testosterone deficiency diagnosis is a vague term. According to

Recent estimates show that approximately 13 million men in the United States experience testosterone deficiency and less than 10% receive treatment for the condition.

Studies have shown that men with obesity, diabetes, or hypertension may be twice as likely to have low testosterone levels.

What this means is you might fall into those 13 million men and since you already have a diagnosis you might be able to persuade your doctor that you actually do have it. This is a far shot (I personally would give it 1/4 chance) but one avenue one could potentially wish to peruse.

So if you are lucky, you might get a lot more from this trip than just a vacation. Word of caution, If you do go to Thailand please make sure and protect yourself so you don’t suddenly fall into the other, HIV positive group of people eligible for anabolic steroids treatment.

As said above, this is theory. Or an idea up for discussion if you wish. If anybody has any feedback, please let me know.

Legitimate Use of Anabolic Steroids

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