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What is Testosterone ?

Testosterone is the male hormone that contributes to all masculine attributes. Attributes like deep voice quality, body and facial hair, development of male reproductive organs such as seminal vesicles, prostate, scrotum, penis as well as testicles. Even secondary characteristics of males like thickening of the vocal chords, hair patterns, bone mass, mood levels, sexual desire, fat distribution as well as fertility issues depend on optimal levels of testosterone in a man’s body. This potent hormone belongs to the androgen family. Both males and females contain certain amounts of testosterone. While in females it appears in smaller quantity in males it is the largest amount of hormone to be found. If you want to know what is testosterone then read on to know more.

Testosterone Role in the Body

If you want to know what is testosterone then you also need to know the functions and role it plays in the human body. Found in both males as well as females testosterone is What is Testosterone responsible for ensuring a healthy level of sexual functioning as well as ensuring optimal health. It promotes a heightened libido while also raising energy levels and increasing the red blood cell count in the human body. The typical human male secretes as much as 60 times the amount of testosterone as produced by a female human. In males testosterone is produced by the testes and in females it gets secreted by the ovaries.

How Testosterone is Produced in Males

In the male body the testosterone is secreted by the testes. Inside the testes there are a group of cells known as Leydig cells which secrete the testosterone. Testosterone is critical in spermatogenesis (the formation of sperm in males) which is essentially performed by the Sertolli cells. Just as most hormones function, even testosterone is pumped to specific portions of the male body such as the reproductive organs. If you wish to know what is testosterone then you should also know that testosterone is available in artificial forms provided through both injections as well as orally. Most people prefer taking this hormone supplement orally. However, some athletes prefer using injections in order to accomplish instant effect.

Testoxyl by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals – The Legal Testosterone Builder

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