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Nandrolona F

  • General information:

    Active substance: Nandrolone Phenylpropionate
    Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
    Unit: 5 x 1ml amp (100 mg/ml)

Nandrolona F is a fast-acting form of nandrolone. Nandrolone is chemically related to the male hormone testosterone. Compared to testosterone, it has an enhanced anabolic and a reduced androgenic activity. This has been demonstrated in animal bioassays and explained by receptor binding studies. The low androgenicity of nandrolone is confirmed in clinical use. In the human, nandrolone has been shown to positively influence calcium metabolism and to increase bone mass in osteoporosis.

In women with disseminated mammary carcinoma, nandrolone has been reported to produce objective regressions for many months. Furthermore, nandrolone has a nitrogen-saving action. This effect on protein metabolism has been established by metabolic studies and is utilized therapeutically in conditions where a protein deficiency exists such as during chronic debilitating diseases and after major surgery and severe trauma.

In these conditions, nandrolone phenylpropionate serves as a supportive adjunct to specific therapies and dietary measures as well as parenteral nutrition. Due to its faster acting nature nandrolone phenylpropionate is preffered in situations where a faster clinical response is required over its chemical variant nandrolone decaonate.

Nandrolona F is very similar to the popular Deca. Nandrolona Fmust be injected frequently and in regular intervals. The substance nandrolone phenylpropionate quickly gets into the blood, where it remains active for two to three days.

Nandrolona F results

It shows that Nandrolona F stores much less water in the body than Deca. For this reason, Dubol is more suitable for a preparation for a competition while Deca should be given preference for the buildup of strength and muscle mass. Nandrolona F, however, can be used for this purpose as well. The gains are fewer and slower than with Deca but of a higher quality and remain, for the most part, after discontinuing the com-pound.

Nandrolona F dosage

Athletes who hope for optimal results inject Nandrolona F every third day, or even every two days. The dosage is around 50-100 mg per injection, or a total of 150-300 mg/week. Nandrolona F has a distinct anabolic effect which assists the protein synthesis and allows the protein to be stored in the muscle cell in large amounts. This is combined with a moderate androgenic component which stimulates the athlete's regeneration and helps maintain the muscle mass during a diet.

Female athletes therefore take Nandrolona F in weekly intervals since, due to its short duration of effect; no undesirable concentration of androgen takes place. They achieve good results with 50 mg Dubol/week, 50 mg Testosterone Propionate every 8-10 days, and 8-10 mg Winstrol/day, or 10 mg Oxandrolone/day. Three to four day intervals between the relative injections are to be observed.

Nandrolona F stack

A stack suitable for this purpose would be, e.g. 50 mg Nandrolona F every 2 days, 50 mg Testosterone Propionate every days, and 20 mg Winstrol tablets every day.

Nandrolona F side effects

There are few side effects for Nandrolona F. Water retention, high blood pressure, an elevated estrogen level, and virilization symptoms occur less often with Nandrolona F than with Deca.

Nandrolona F is one of the safest non-toxic steroids offering satisfactory results. Nandrolona F has no negative effect on the liver function so it can even be taken in cases of liver disease. Side effects occur only in rare cases and in persons who are extremely sensitive. Virilization symptoms in women such as huskiness, deep voice, hirsutism, acne, and increased libido are possible but occur only rarely if reasonable dosages are taken at reasonable intervals.

Men usually experience no symptoms with Nandrolona F. Since the release of gonadotropins in the hypophysis is inhibited, there is a chance that the body's own testosterone production in a male athlete will be lower when the compound is taken over a prolonged time and in excessive doses.

Nandrolona F online

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